Heat supplier MeT Šaľa, s.r.o. in Šaľa

Technology management:

  • 3 heat sources:  2 gas boiler rooms and a geothermal well
  • substation
  • 121 pressure-independent heat exchange stations (House Heat Exchange Station) implemented as Central Heating / Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating
  • parallel twin-pipe heat distribution

Buildings supplied with heat: about 1500 flats and 30 facilities (Sports hall, etc.)

Applied Control and Instrumentation Systems:

  • DDC process stations:  132 pcs , Siemens PX, Siemens Saphir and Climatics
  • Controlled points Input / Output: 9200 pcs
  • The communication structure - dispatching:   Optics / LAN, Siemens Desigo dispatching