Unigyr EMS 40

Software for the central dispatching of substations in line PRU, PRS, RWP using version Insight and Insight light produced by Siemens.

D2000 Actis

The information system of real time D2000 Actis is powerful and reliable software product for industrial automatization which is designed for monitoring and dispatch control of the technological processes from the process substations RWP, PRS, RWM, PRV, PRU, Excel, Simatic and the third party equipments

Desigo Insight v1.1, v2.2

The software program package intended for visualization of data from substations PRV, PRU, PLD, Simatic, Desigo PX and the third party equipments


The operator software package ORCAview is the real time software with the graphical user interface and manager tool for data visualization from equipments communicating through BACnet protocol. ORCAview includes BACnet/IP (WAN/LAN networks), BACnet through Ethernet (LAN networks), BACnet MS/TP (RS-485), BACnet PTP (for modem (RS-232)); visualization BACnet of the third party equipment.