Communication converter for remote reading and conversion data from MBus to BACnet protocol.

The device is a microprocessor-based communication full-duplex data converter designed and intended for data conversion from MBus to BACnet protocol. 
The Gateway allows a connection up to three various MBus standardised devices (such as building energy meters of Heat/Cold/Water/Electrocity...) and their data transmission to the BACnet MS/TP communication network using an integrated MSTP RS485 interface.

Main Features:

• Connectibility up to 3 MBus devices -meters (maximum 4, under standard conditions keeping)
• MBus standardization and wide signal compatibility
• Full automatic operation with LED optical stage indicators
• Power supply : SELV AC 24V/ 50-60 Hz, 2VA
• RS485: Unit Load = 0,25
• Small dimensions compact plastic cover with the DIN bar mounting

Typical Application:

Metering applications with remote reading and data transmission from MBus meters (Heat, Cold, Water, Electricity...) in buildings to BMS operational environment control system (dispaching PC-station) in BACnet protocol. /see Application example in „Downloads“/


Software tool MBG-MSTPswTOOL-lite is a special “One to One” type sw-product developed and intended to perform configuration changes and parameters settings of MBG-MSTP Gateway. /see Manual in “Downloads”/.

HW- Accessories-extras:

Slave converter USB-RS485-1800-WE-BT is needful for functionality of software tool „MBG-MSTP swTOOL-lite“ as an interface connection between MBG-MSTP Gateway and PC. /see Datasheet in “Downloads”/.