Simple temperature regulators Siemens – Synco 100

Synco 100 regulators are compact and designed for the direct installation. Depending on regulator type, 50 programmable applications are offered. Usefulness is remarkable especially in the area of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, hot water regulation, cold water regulation, heat systems, exchangers, incoming and exhausting air or solar exchanger. They can be sued as standalone regulators with the superior systems for the limit functions.

Modular regulators Siemens – Synco 700

Synco 700 regulates, switches, monitors and communicates. The communication is accomplished through KONNEX bus with the visualization possibility – communication central ACS700. 50 of predefined applications are supported from the area of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and mixed HVAC applications. It is suitable for the administrative and commerce buildings, shops, apartment blocks, etc.

Standard regulators Siemens – Albatros

Standard regulators Albatros RVA are designed to control boiler cascades, regulation of mixing circuits according to the equithermic curve, heating warm supply water, etc. (e.g. solar). There is the support for the predefined applications that allow simple and quickly selection of necessary regulators types from the heating area. It is suitable for housing and non housing objects with own heating, etc.

Regulators Honeywell – Smile

Regulators Smile DHC/SDC are designed for regulation of the heating systems and remote heating including warm supply water temperature regulation according to the equithermic curve with autonomous time program and regulation through the room unit. Predefined applications for simpler selection of regulator are supported.

Control unit „DRV“ for ventilation units

The control unit “DRV” provides monitoring of values, states and regulation of the actuating units for ventilation (VZT) according to the type and character. The regulator is controlled by the user friendly 4 button 3 rows LCD display. The regulator is programmable with the predefined application program for controlling VZT. The regulator includes communication bus BACnet MS/TP to be connected with the superior system or dispatch computer.

For more information see the installation and user guide.